The mission of Positive Change Institute, Inc. is to provide the client with the opportunity and tools to conduct a drug-free and crime-free lifestyle, to provide relapse prevention to support client success long-term, to teach skills for non-violent relationships, to end generational substance abuse and violent behaviors and to provide the community with enhanced safety through increased social productiveness of our clients


Offender Specialty


Cognitive Interventions for: 

Motivation for Change 

Substance Abuse Education

Substance Abuse Treatment

Anger Management

Domestic Violence/Child Abuse

Female Specific Domestic Violence

Behavioral Health Assessments

MVD Revocation Packets

Consulting / Program Design

Staff Training/Development

Individual sessions available


Reasonable rates


“Change is inevitable in this life. 

from the moment of birth on, 

we are destined to change. 

It is our purpose. 

For without change,

there can be no growth.”